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Newsmaker Luncheon with state party chairs


Biden slams Trump’s COVID-19 response in Wisconsin virtual events

Presumptive Dem presidential nominee Joe Biden today slammed President Trump’s response to COVID-19, saying it has been marked by “denials, delays, distraction, and bald-faced lies.”…

Records: 43 may have voted in Wisconsin as well as Illinois, Iowa, western states in 2018 fall election

Of the 43 people the Elections Commission referred to local DAs for prosecution on possible double voting in November 2018, 26 were suspected of casting…

Priorities USA ads accuse Trump of downplaying COVID-19

The Dem PAC Priorities USA is out with a new TV ad knocking President Trump for downplaying the threat of COVID-19. The ad charges he’s…

All four Wisconsin DNC members seeking new terms

All four Wisconsin members of the Democratic National Committee — including new Senate Minority Leader Janet Bewley — are seeking new terms with the national…


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